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Estia is a cooperative social enterprise, started in southern Greece. We focus on the development and distribution of authentic local goods and traditional cultural services.

The name Estia is a symbol for our home. Our households, our families, our communities, our traditions, our lands, our countries, and our planet. Estia’s vision is to unite all those who want to take care and develop what they consider their heritage and legacy. We collaborate with a circle of independent artists, artisans and innovators to create value for our history, our life, and our future, allowing all those who participate in our work to leave their mark in Estia’s endeavor.

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At the core of the company is a belief in collaborative work and union. Estia aims to offer a platform to empower those who want to participate in the cultural and economic development of their profession, area, country, planet and community.

We are united by values of respect for sustainability, ethical work, survival of authentic and healthy traditions, innovative and smart paradigms as well as the general well-being and improvement of our community.

How we work

We work on collaborative commerce, cultural events, and local social support networks for independent professionals.’

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