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IVStudios is IVunited’s production division, focusing mainly on the creation of free or low cost digital tools and channels for our incubees.

We create free websites for causes.

IVunited has partnered up with PIXI Europe in order to create the IVStudios division.

We support NGOs and causes by developing websites and branding tools. 

To get access to our services, make sure to apply. 

IVStudios is carried out by volunteers. We contribute to your cause at the speed of our capacity.



Since 2020, we have designed, developed, funded and supported the publishing platform Greek Women in STEM. The initiative has since gained international recognition and keeps accomplishing groundbreaking change for all Greek women in STEM fields, both in Greece and internationally.


IVArcadia is an initiative targeting cooperative development strategies. The project benefits the local development and innovation of the region.

“Our objective is to be a strategic point of union for matters of regional partnerships and coordination. Through these partnerships, we serve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at a local level.”


Estia is a social entreprise, started in Southern Greece. It focuses on the development and distribution of authentic unionized goods and cultural services made by small local rural communities.

“The name Estia is a symbol for our home. Our households, our families, our communities, our traditions, our lands, our countries, and our planet. Estia’s vision is to unite all those who want to take care and develop what they consider their heritage and legacy. We collaborate with a circle of independent artists, artisans and innovators to create value for our history, our life, and our future, allowing all those who participate in our work to leave their mark in Estia’s endeavor.”


The Business Women’s Circle has been created in order to provide a free support system for women in business. “Together we are building a collaborative network rooted in a desire for growth, cooperation and search for win-win opportunities.
We are creating bridges between women’s humanitarian needs and fruitful professional ventures. We focus on matters of gender equality and women’s rights issues in a way that allows us to progressively solve these matters through daily tools and frameworks. We  automate and decentralize progress towards an equal and safe world for women, in which we can individually thrive and evolve simply by interacting and participating in our collective support system.”


The Normal Initiative organized events in order to create opportunities for people involved in artistic spheres and marginalized communities. It started by promoting marginalized talent and healthy philanthropic actions around the island of Cyprus. Now, The Normal Events spread a spirit of joy, cultural richness and love of the community, in Cyprus and on European mainland.


IVunited is a multidisciplinary international organization. We work primarily as an incubator for philanthropic projects, as well as a consultancy for public interest projects. Our focus is set on strategies and ventures that address the root causes of our world’s problems. Our objective is to help design and develop a kinder and beautiful future for our world.


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